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Welcome to my world!

By Chef Lippe @ shop.cheflippe.com

Restauranteur, oyster farmer, charcutier, artisan baker

My love affair with food started at an early age, as a child dwelling in embassy kitchens around the world.

Extensive and continuous travel has given me an insight on the beauty and complexity of regional cuisines, as they reflect the cultural values of the people who make them. From “Shiokara” in Asakusa, “Libamej” in Budapest, “Poulet” in Bourge-en-Bresse and “Moqueca” in Bahia, to the tables of roadside trattorias in Toscana, tascas in Sevilla and Louisiana Cajun shacks.

As a leader of the Slow Food movement in southern Brazil, I organized fishermen into a cooperative to prevent the extinction of the Berbigao clam from the waters of the southern Atlantic. I believe that entertaining should be an experience to be remembered and good food is the best way to this goal.

This blog offers a variety of articles. From cooking tips on the best way to cook an authentic dish from your favorite country to new ways to use an ingredient.  You will find that most of my articles will teach you the health benefits from cooking.  For example black garlic has 10 times the health benefits of regular garlic or that cayenne peppers lower blood pressure.

You can visit my online store for many of my favorite items.

Chef Lippe


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2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Wicilma

    Really loved all the recipes. First time here. Wonderful


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