Chili Powder vs Chile Powder……whats the big deal?

By Chef Lippe @

“What’s the difference between chili powder and chile powder?”

Now we know that if 1 or 2 visitors to our site took the time to contact us and ask these questions there are many more who have at least thought the same thing but didn’t ask. So we have an opportunity to share some knowledge and do a better job of explaining the differences between the two.

A chile powder is the powder from the ground chile. For example our Ancho Chile Powder is only the ground Ancho chile. Nothing else. No other ingredients, no fillers, no anti-caking agents. Just pure powder.

This is also true of chile flakes. These will just be the particular chile ground down to a flake such as cayenne and ancho peppers.

A chili powder on the other hand is a seasoning blend that contains a chile powder (or sometimes two or three different chiles) as a base and then other ingredients are added in to round out the flavor profile. These other ingredients are usually some combination of cumin, coriander, onion, garlic and Mexican oregano. You may also find some additional ingredients in some chili powder. Like all of our all natural hand blended seasonings you will never find any MSG, anti-caking agents, or preservatives.

We love to hear from those in search of spices, herbs and chiles and actually several of the new chiles mentioned above are being added because of customer requests to stock them.

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