Chocolate Truffle Surprise

Avocado Chocolate Truffle

By Chef Lippe

Super easy truffle that will keep you coming back for more.  This is another one of those recipes that I just don’t say what is in it until after they tell me if they liked it. Even my own Dad who loves avocados turned his nose up to this one based on the name only the first time I offered them to the family.  So the next time I made them, I changed the color sugar coating, and just said they were chocolate truffles. They were a HIT!  So if you are BRAVE enough to try this recipe you will be hooked after the first bite. You can even play a game with them to see if they can guess the secret ingredient.


½ cup butter

1 large very ripe avocado, peeled and pit removed

1 ½ teaspoons pure vanilla extract

1 ¼ cup unsweetened cocoa

3 cup powdered (confectioners) sugar

Sugars for rolling


In a large saucepan over low heat, melt butter, remove from heat and set to the side.

In food processor or blender, puree the avocado until a smooth consistency (add a little of the melted butter if needed to make sure it is a smooth consistency with no chunks)

Add avocado puree, vanilla, powdered sugar into sauce pan with butter. Mix well and then place in refrigerator until it hardens.

Once this mix is firm scoop and roll into balls about ¾ inch in size.  If mixture starts to get too soft to form balls place in freezer for a few minutes.  Place balls on a cookie sheet lined with a piece of paper.  Place balls in refrigerator until firm.

This time roll balls into either powdered sugar or colored sugar to coat outside.  Store in refrigerator until a few minutes before you want to serve.


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4 responses to “Chocolate Truffle Surprise

  1. These look beautiful!!!! Avocado truffles are sure new to me… Thanks for sharing!


  2. I never would have guessed just by looking that they were made with avocado. I’ll have to give them a try! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. These look fantastic! What a great idea to use avocado. I bet it would keep the inside nice and creamy.


  4. thank you sir for providing us such a great knowledge and sharing of great piece of life living with us.


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