Lobster and Tetilla Cheese Melts

Lobster and Tetilla Cheese Melts

By Chef  Lippe

tetillaIf you love lobster and cheese this one is VERY addictive! Tellia Cheese is made in Galicia Spain with fresh cow’s milk that is semi-cured. It has the taste of fresh milk and butter with a touch of vanilla and walnuts and is wonderful with grapes or as you will see melted over lobster.

tetilla and lobster


1 boiled lobster cleaned and cut into pieces

2 cloves of garlic chopped fine

1/3 cup of white wine

Olive oil

1 Tetilla Cheese cut into pieces

Tomato (fresh from garden) chopped


  • Add olive oil to pan and brown minced garlic
  • Add wine and chopped lobster and stir to gently warm lobster
  • Stir in Tetilla cheese and let simmer until melted
  • Add a few spoons of chopped fresh tomato
  • Pour over toasted roll


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One response to “Lobster and Tetilla Cheese Melts

  1. Oh delish. I love that cheese.


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