Day 4 of our Blue Cheese Weekend

By Chef Lippe

VALDEON AZUL-mailchimp

We have our line up! 13 different blue cheeses…. And this is just a drop in the bucket for what is available to choose from.

Our Line Up:

Blu Di Bufala – Italy –  water buffalo

Blue Cheese (regular) – Italy – cow

Gorgonzola –  Italy – cow  

Danish Blue – Denmark – cow  

Cabrales –  Spain – mixed cow, sheep and goat  

Verde Capra – Italy – goat

Roquefort – France – Ewe

La Peral – Spain –  cow and ewe

Mist’O Blue – Lancaster PA – raw goat

Monterey – Lancaster PA

Blue de Ewe – Lancaster PA

Maytag – Newton IO – cow

Valdeon Azul – Spain – cow and sheep

So come hungry there are a lot of cheese to taste!  Where to start?  Let’s see if we make the list into either strong or mild will that help? But no that will not work because I know that what I think is strong some of you will not think so.  So the only way is to try them and find the ones you like. Maybe cow vs. goat vs. sheep, soft and creamy vs dry and crumbly? Well which ever way you like it we should have it covered.

We will have green olives stuffed with both Valdeon and Gorgonzola to choose also.  So remember to wear your blue for the 10% discount,  come hungry to try out all the different ones and they REALLY do taste different. 

See you this weekend.


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