Barricata al Pepe a fairytale begining

Barricata al Pepe

By Chef Lippe

barricato al pepe

The Italian term for barrel aging is barricato. This is a firm, buttery cow’s milk cheese from Veneto Italy that is covered in peppercorns and has been aged in oak wine barrels for almost a year. This cheese is sweet, wine-y with plenty of peppery zip.

Serve this cheese on your cheese board paired with a fig chutney, Prosecco wine or a dry Gewurtztraminer

The Italian have a fairy tale for this cheese and it goes like this:

The tradition of making this spicy cheese dates back to an ancient fairytale. It is said that a poor peasant boy was in love with the most beautiful and richest girl in the county. The girl’s father was a money hungry man who did not believe in love and was busy looking for a rich man to marry his daughter and would not even consider the peasant boy.  The boy so in love with this girl, created a cheese from his prized cow and covered it in the most expensive of spices, from the market,  peppercorns and gave it to the father. At the sight of this work of art with all the expensive peppercorns even the money hungry father was moved by the cheese and gave his blessing to the young couple. To this day this cheese is the jewel on any cheese board.

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