Cabra al Romero

rosey goat with honey on bread

Cabra al Romero is made by Lorenzo, our producer of choice for the Murcian favorite Cabra al Romero cheese. This relatively new production riffs on the popularity of herb-crusted cheeses; in the final days of aging, the pasteurized goat cheese is rubbed with a fair quantity of rosemary and lard. The essence of the herb permeates and complements the tangy-sour cheese.

This fruity and herbal goat cheese has as intriguing and complex a flavor as only a cheese rubbed in lard could. The grassy, fruity essence of the rosemary comes across strong at first but the goat’s milk flavor quickly builds into a perfectly sweet and creamy delight.  The rich savoriness of the lard is clearly present and carries throughout the taste but does not overcome the complex flavors that develop over it. This cheese is great to eat on a slice of your favor baguette, as it is so buttery in flavor you will want to try to spread it.  Drizzle with a little honey and enjoy with a light, fruity red wine, a nice crisp red apple on your cheese board and you have a nice lunch for you and a few friends.  This cheese is an excellent melter so try it melted over your favorite vegetables as part of your next meal.

Cheese Type: soft

Milk Type: goat

Rennet: animal

Age: 3 months

Origin: Spain

Region: Murcia

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