Caciocavallo Tartufato


Caciocavallo earns its name, literally ‘cheese on horseback’, from the way duos of gourd-shaped rounds are rope-bound and slung over a wooden board to drain and age. This 360-degree exposure to age and ambient microbes develops sharp, spicy flavors, a development continued in caves, where the cheeses hang among other aging wheels, picking up deep, earthy undertones and fruity aromas. Prior to this flavor-enriching aging process, the cow’s milk wheels are formed of warmed and stretched curd, and ground black truffle of Molise is added to the filata globes, and submerged in a salamoia, or brine, for up to 24 hours. The result is like mozzarella on steroids or provolone with better manners, a layered, complex cheese.  It is sweet and soft when fresh and with the passing of time the flavors become more intense and spicy.  Fully aged this cheese can be grated like a parmigiano.

Perfect for slicing aside a hunk of cacciatore and a glass of spicy Italian red, like Primitivo.

Cheese Type:

Milk Type: Cow Raw (unpasteurized)

Rennet: Animal

Age: 4 – 6 months

Origin: Italy

Region: Molise



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2 responses to “Caciocavallo Tartufato

  1. That sounds fabulous! I’m going to look for that, assuming it’s available in my part of Texas. Thanks for the lesson!


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