Italian Gold – Oro Italiano cheese with truffle and saffron!

black truffle

In the center of Italy in the region of Umbria is the famous Umbrian Black Truffle.  This is the truffle used by our cheese maker Sergio Moro. He has combined black truffles and saffron into a very unique cheese that melts in your mouth.

Nicknamed Italian Gold, Oro Italiano is a semi-soft cow’s milk cheese from Friuli which combines Saffron and Umbrian black truffles into this creamy semi-hard cheese.  Truffle and saffron were considered the food of gods and kings for good reason.  Oro Italiano melted over some fresh bread or shredded into risotto is a meal fit for a king and you can’t go wrong. Made by Master Cheese maker Sergio Moro this cheese is a symphony in your mouth. Sergio and his family have been making cheese since 1930 using old world techniques of curing and aging to develop cheeses with lost flavors and fragrances from long ago. In post war Italy the family started a factory to help rebuild the local area and give the farmers a way to sell their product. Sergio uses milk from several local farms and several milkings, giving this cheese a very uniform flavor and texture from wheel to wheel.

Pair this cheese with a Pinot Noir like Carmel Road from Monterrey or the Jules Taylor from New Zealand.

Cheese Type:

Milk Type: Cow

Rennet: Animal

Age:  3 months

Origin: Italy

Region: Veneto

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