Raspberry BellaVitano


A blended cheese that is a Parm-Cheddar hybrid created by Satori.  It has the sweetness of Parmesan alongside the sharpness of cheddar.  It’s texture is somewhere between flaky and firm with a nutty, fruity flavor.  The Sartori family is a fourth generation family owned cheese company from Antigo, Wisconsin. BellaVitano Gold is bathed with a handcrafted Raspberry Tart Ale every day to give it a sweet, tangy rind.  BellaVitano was inspired by traditional Italian farmstead cheeses. It starts out like Parmesan, it has a creamy rich texture with a light fruity notes the raspberries that combine with hazelnut and brown butter flavors. BellaVitano tastes like Parmesan but has the melting qualities of Cheddar.

Serve with smoked turkey, almonds, raisins, dates or crusty breads. For a special treat try it with a hot sweet biscuit and blackberry jam.

Pair this cheese with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Asti Splumanti, Sherry, Weizen, Weizenbock, Smoked Porters, Pale Ales.

Cheese Type: Parmesan/Cheddar Hybrid

Milk Type: Cow


Age: 10 – 12 months

Origin: USA

Region: Antigo Wisconsin


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