Ubriacone any one?


A wine lovers dream cheese, Ubriacone is an affectionate term in Italian for the “great big drunk.” A delicious cow’s milk cheese from Veneto, Italy that is bathed in a mixture of local Clinton and Raboso wine, it is then pierced to let the aroma and flavor of the wine permeate the cheese.  During the aging process the cheese is hand rubbed with the grape must (the leftovers from wine making). It is sharp and fruity on the nose. When fresh the cheese is semi-hard to hard with a slight crumble.  It is a beautiful light color with dark red/purple wine veins running through it and has the bouquet of red wine. The flavor is nutty and followed with a lovely winey finish. The Cheese is wrapped in grape leaves to prevent mold from growing in the piercings. This cheese is a wonderful addition to any cheese platter.

The standard procedure for wine-accented cheeses is to be washed or at most cured during the aging process with wine, but the makes or Ubriacone wanted more, with this new concept, new tools and more wine they increased the surface area soaked with wine. The whole created by the needles permeate the cheese and distribute the essence of the wine evenly throughout the paste.

Tasting Notes

The main tone of the cheese is that of sheep’s milk cheese: salty, earthy, nutty with a rich oiliness throughout. Only partway through the taste does the effect of the wine show up, with a sweet and very fruity notes that hold their spot into the aftertaste.  This cheese pairs well with merlot, sweet or sparkling red wine. Or follow this link for a Great Cheese Cake recipe. http://wp.me/p2n8ji-gu

Origin: Veneto, Italy

Milk: Cow, pasteurized

Rennet: Animal

Aged: 6 – 8 months

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