BellaVitano Merlot


merlot party 1

A match made in heaven! BellaVitano Gold soaked in Merlot adding hints of berry and plum to a rich, creamy cheese with nutty, fruity flavors.  This one is always the hit of any cheese tray and one your guests will be asking where you got it.  The Sartori family created the perfect marriage of flavors that will have your taste buds saying “I do”.  Add a few toasted walnuts, some thin sliced Serrano Ham and semisweet chocolates and the honeymoon never has to end.

This is a new hybrid cheese from Wisconsin that is like a rich craveable premium Cheddar, balanced by the full flavor of a Parmesan that has been aged in the perfect Merlot until the taste is an symphony in your mouth.  The sweet nuttiness of the BellaVitano with Merlot, a slice of Granny Smith Apple and a small spoon of fig jam and your mouth is begging for more.  This cheese is great naked or dressed so let your mind indulge all your tummies cravings.

Pairs with Chianti, Port and light Italian Reds or Indian Pale Ale, Sweet Cider or Dark Malty Ale. Add some nuts, dry fruits and rustic bread and you all set!

Cheese Type: Parmesan/cheddar hybrid

Milk Type: Cow


Age: 8 – 10 months

Origin: USA

Region: Wisconsin

Try BellaVitano with Merlot on top of your favorite bagel with Serrano Ham and a hot spicy mustard.

merlot and hot mustard

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