Dalla Forma is as Italian as it gets in preparing the ultimate pasta dish. A wheel of cheese is hollowed out preserving about an inch or two of border, and pasta is prepared inside it. Its roots can be traced to the Roman Empire and its epic gastronomic orgies.

Although the most popular and widespread method is to use a 50 pound wheel of Grana Padano or Parmigiano Reggiano in the process, Chef Lippe has adapted the technique to a diverse collection of cheese wheels, Pecorino Romano, Moliterno al Tartufo and Gouda among others.

Each cheese lends its own personality to the final dish, as does the sauce used. Chef Lippe makes no shortcuts in assuring this is the most intense pasta experience he can possibly deliver, using almost illegal amounts of butter, cream and cheese in one of the most decadent pasta dishes you have ever tasted.

Whether a gathering of friends, family party or a nationally recognized event of hundreds such as the Vero Beach Wine and Film Festival, Dalla Forma pasta is always an addition to be remembered. Feel free to contact us for a quote. It is always a pleasure to serve you.

DallaForma Pasta

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